Welcome to Dental Care for Children!

As the first Pediatric Dentistry clinic established in Calgary, Dental Care for Children is proud to provide Calgary’s young patients with a warm, friendly and family-oriented dental experience.

We provide dental care and education to ensure your child’s teeth, gums, smile and body are healthy from day one.

Preventive care begins with education, check-ups and regular hygiene visits.


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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Leonard Smith

  Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Farida Saher

Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Carmen Cymbalisty

Pediatric Dentist




Did you know?

  • Every child should visit the dentist before the age of one.
  • Baby teeth start to develop 7 weeks after you become pregnant.

  • Periodontal infection in the mother can be responsible for premature delivery and low birth weight. Dental care is essential during pregnancy and beyond.

  • Children of moms and dads with untreated cavities are more likely to have cavities themselves.

  • Oral bacteria are transmitted from parents to children by way of kisses and spoons.

If you see spots or discoloration on your child’s teeth, take them to a dentist immediately!


Latest News

Here’s why our patients recommend us

“I have to say this office has really impressed me. Dr. Saher is wonderful. She is very precise and complete in her diagnoses. And she seems to have such a genuine love for the children and her office. Dr. Saher’s assistants are very helpful and kind to the children. The other positive that really stuck out to me about the office was her receptionist Paula. Paula has been kind to our family since the moment we first called the office. She really takes steps to go above and beyond, to make your visits as easy as possible. All the times I have been in the office, she has been pleasant, happy and helpful. And I noticed that this is not just to me, but to the other staff and patients. Our family is very happy that we made the move to Dental Care for Children!!!”