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Here’s why our patients recommend us

“Dr. Saher is a wonderful dentist. She is very thorough in explaining the diagnosis and the treatment necessary. The assistants also go over the treatment and fees prior to anything being done. Dr. Saher and her staff are so kind and patient with not only my child, but all the children. Our previous dentist was not able to get x-rays or barely a look, Dr. Saher and her staff must have a lot of tricks because my son had no issues. I understand why they ask the parents to stay out of the treatment room, they are trying to get the work done as quickly as possible without distractions for the children. I feel the fees are fair for this office. We have to remember she is a specialist and has completed more school than a regular dentist. My child is not special needs, this office is for all children. They are not always running on time but that is only expected when treating children. I would highly recommend Dr. Saher!”