We are proud to announce that all Dental Care for Children locations are now accepting assignment.

Dental Care for Children in the Community


Dental Care for Children spent the morning with a cohort of awesome nursing students from Mount Royal University at the MRU Child Care Centre.  They transformed into super heroes to educate the children about practicing good oral hygiene habits everyday. “Princess Sparkle tooth”, “Captain Enamel” and the rest of their team, taught the children that they too are super heroes and with proper brushing and flossing techniques, can chase away those pesky sugars bugs! The children also learned that tooth paste has a “super power” to strengthen their teeth, called fluoride and they each have a “side-kick” to help them keep their teeth for their life time – their dentist!! The children then practiced their skills with fun, informative and interactive activities that help reinforce what they had learned.

Dental Care for Children was so happy to support and sponsor this wonderful program and look forward to working with our new friends in the years to come.

Great job everyone, your information and enthusiasm was fantastic!

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