Once again our very own Dr. Farida Saher was interviewed on Global Calgary regarding the current discussion of fluoridating Calgary’s drinking water.

A few key points from her interview:

A new study shows that tooth decay is on the rise since fluoride has been removed from Calgary’s drinking water. As Dr. Saher discusses “a low dose of daily fluoride is the best scenario for all people, especially children, seniors and others who have limited access to care, to reduce the incidents of tooth decay”.

Fluoridated tooth paste is also recommended as it “sticks” to the teeth longer than just swishing or drinking water. For children under 3, a rice-sized amount and for children over 3 a pea-sized amount of toothpaste should be used to brush with, then left on the teeth overnight without rinsing.

It is almost too simple, just brush with fluoride toothpaste daily to help reduce cavities!