In keeping with tradition, Dr. Saher and Dr. Cymbalisty travelled again this past January, with the dental charity Kindness in Action, to volunteer their time and skills to the people of Cambodia.With more than 10 years experience with KIA, Dr. Saher was the designated team leader and enlisted a group of 20 professionals including friends, DCFC team members and even her family, to join her on the two week adventure. They spent seven days in various clinics, in 3 different regions of the country including Phnom Penh, Battambang and Siem Riep. Many of the villages and clinics were in very remote areas where many of the patients had never had the opportunity to see a dentist before.

Andeuk Pagoda

We had the good fortune of working with the monks and nuns at the pagoda for a day, along with some other villagers. It was an amazingly unique experience to be in the mountains in Cambodia working with monks in a Pagoda!

Chrab Viel

Chrab Viel is a remote village an hour outside of Battambang. We worked at the Kam Ping Puay Health Post where the villagers hadn’t had the opportunity to see a dentist before. We completed some hygiene and dental fillings but mostly extractions to remove the decay and infection that was present. Education about oral hygiene was also an important of our day.

Our final clinic was arranged by our interpreters family who owned the restaurant and was also an educational center. We converted classrooms into a clinic space and were able to see the students, teachers, and other members of the neighbourhood.